Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chicken incubator - update

This morning i have been waked by a noise from the incubator....
after wrestling for 30-40 minutes trying to fall asleep again i went to the incubator and this guy wake me up:

It was 4:30 am when he wake me up... after a few hours the other chicks hatched from the eggs :)

It's interesting because they should hatch after 10 this month :)

 Now we are waiting for other eggs to hatch :) and now i think we have over 20 chicks

Thank you for attention.


  1. Congrats mom nice set up i have thought about chickens but not yet

    1. Thank you, and i think that "" should be used for mom :P
      I think that tonight i won't get much sleep because the chicks are hatching now.... In this moment we have more than 25 chicks :) with my homemade incubator , last year we had 21 or 22 so i beat my record :D.
      I'll make a post with dimensions and plans after the incubation period is finished :) so stay tunned for more :P

  2. Wonderful! Your new incubator that you built worked great. Cute Chicks!

    1. Thank you Susan, yes it's doing the task well :) - now we have more than 35 chicks :)
      Don't forget what i've told you - it was an easy build :)