Saturday, July 12, 2014

New table saw - new project: table saw stand

When i've built my first greenhouse i bought a table saw but it had a lot of problems and some of them i had tried to fix them but i've started to work more and more with wood and i said that is time to get a better table saw.
My new table saw is Makita MLT100 and i'm very delighted about this saw and how it works, how accurate it is (i had to tweak it a little bit to get it to this stage).

When i bought the saw it didn't had a stand/support and i was ok with this because i can build it how ever i want.
I sketched something on a piece of paper with the features that i want and established the design lines. After this i took my metal tools and started to cut some rectangular metal pipe to size and prepare them for welding (putting a small chamfer on the edges).
After this i had to weld the frame together, making sure that is square - this part went easy because i like to work with metal and weld stuff together. The tricky part was the table top because i need something stable in time and for this reason i would liked to use birch plywood but in my city i couldn't find any... but i found something similar with it and here is called tego and it is used at pouring concrete.

The features that i wanted to keep from the saw are:
- Sliding table
- To be able to extend the table saw top.
So because i wanted to keep those features i mounted the saw near one edge of the metal frame and when table saw is extended it has the same dimension with the out feed table.
For dust collection i don't have system setup with shop vac, cyclones etc... my dust collection is really simple: under the saw i have a large bin that is catching the sawdust (in the back of the saw i used on 90 pvc elbow and some pvc pipe to extend  the sawdust exhaust port into the bin).

On to do list:
- zero clearance insert (because the one that came with the saw is from a thin plastic and i don't like it to much)
- electrical plugs on the metal frame to be able to connect other tools
- on the out feed table to make one slot for my router and router lift
- a way to attach a router fence
- and some storage bins where i can put the blades, keys, accessories of the saw

Thanks for reading


  1. I am going to buy miter saw. I read many website and I see Dewalt DW175 which suitable my need. I am going to buy this site . But I don’t know where is the best seller about miter saw. Give me your opinions

  2. This saw is fantastic; this stand is excellent. Do not buy this position. It weighs a million pounds, the work support legs are way too fragile and fussy, and it is enormous. Get any other regular stand and a pair of rigid flip top outfeed supports, and you'll be better off. The saw is excellent though!


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