Saturday, May 4, 2013

First tool

A while back James Neal posted a tool good for gardening and i I thought it was easy to do so this is my approach to make that tool:
I've started this task with a paper template and that template i transfer it to a sheet metal that i had laying around...
Next i've prepare the tools that i'll use to make my own gardening tool:
- angle grinder
- hammers
- welding machine
- different disks for the angle grinder.
- safety glasses.

Now that everything is prepared i've started cutting the sheet metal and for this i had use a 1 mm angle grinder disk ... I had used the angle grinder until i had a shape that i was pleased. Then i had changed the disc with a thicker one to round some edges and give it the final shape.
Next i've cut a piece of pipe 50 mm to make the grip for the handle. That piece of pipe i have welded to the shape that i've made with the angle grinder. After that i've cleaned the weld.

Almost at the end of the build
Last step was to make the handle and attach it to the metal shape that i had made.
After this i've drill one hole in the pipe and insert a bolt thru it to fix the handle in place.
To give the sheet metal an extra strenght i've bend it slightly. After that i've tried it in the garden and it's ok.

Thank you for attention


  1. Great job! Looks like it turned out very well. Looks like it functions well too. :)

  2. Using power tools to make a hand tool – nice! It was a good idea to use different sized disks for the angle grinder as it resulted in nice smooth edges. Have you used the garden tool extensively? How did your weld hold? That said, you did a great job! -Jeanette@Zo Air

  3. Yes i have used it alot :) the weld is ok (even though i not a professional welder i didn't had welds broken - the fence for my house is made on a metal structure ;)) and i've did the fence more than 10 years ago)
    when I did this tool I was so excited that I wanted to finish quickly and because of this i did not use discs with different sizes - but I have in plan another tool similar to this one but i'll be more thoughtful to detail.
    Thank you for your input :)

  4. Nice! I wish I could make my own tools- I have ideas in my head, just don't know how to build it. I've been wanting to make my own broadfork for a long time!

    1. i've checked to see what a broadfork (i didn't know what is it) is and it's pretty simple to make one if you have access to: an angle grinder, a welding machine, and a drill.
      On an angle iron you can draw the shape of the tooth and cut it with the angle grinder. After you have all the tooths cut out you can weld them on a profile (rectangular tubing) and attach the handles. I think this is an easy build. I'll show it to my wife and maybe i'll make one :) and post a tutorial about building one.
      In the video tour of my garden inside the green house near the cucumber you can see the homemade tool ;))