Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Watering system for the green house

Watering system 

Now that the green house is complete and the seeds planted I need to figure a way to water the seeds without having to spend a lot of time doing this. After researching on internet for watering systems I came up with my approach to this task:

Ok… I know that this is only a diagram and that I will have to build it but this is my plan so far.

How does it works?
The system have a water supply (water tank or water from a hose). The water pass through a valve and then reaches the reservoir were the water will be mixed with liquid fertilizer and then delivered to the seeds / plants.
The setup of that valve is trial on error because this valve will determine the amount of time needed for the water rezervoir to be filled, this can be translated in: how much fertilizer will be in the water:
 - if it has a low speed the floater valve will stay open for a longer period of time;
 - if it has a fast speed that valve will stay open for a shorter period of time
.... so you can ajust that valve for your needs.

The engeneering of this system is in this water reservoir because:
the water is entering from the tank or hose and it will fill the reservoir and in the same time the syphon bell will be filled with water. The "magic" happens when the water level inside the reservoir reaches the floater valve and then that leverage will open a small hole in the liquid fertilizer tank and some drops of fertilizer will drip in the water reservoir. Next the syphon bell will draw the water from the tank and the water will be delivered to the seeds / plants.

How does the syphon works ?
While water is entering the reservoir also the syphone is filled with water until the water inside the syphon reaches at the level of the pipe inside it -- then the water is drained from the reservoir. The piece  that make this syphon design to shine is that small cap at the end of the tube (on the right side of the diagram near the water reservoir wall) because when the reservoir is filling with water that cup will sink and when the syphon starts and drain water from the reservoir at the lowest water point it will start sucking water from the cup and that cup will raise over the water level. After the water is drained from that cup air will enter that tube and stop the syphon and then the next cycle begins.
One more aspect to this syphon desing is that U shape outside the water reservoir - the purpose of that shape is to help balancing the pressure inside the syphon bell.

Let me know what you think about this design and if you have any comments please feel free to let 
me know.
Thank you for your attention.

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