Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Strawberries in aquaponic system

I did try to learn how to grow into an aquaponic setup and overall was a success but i had more that an few problems:
1. First problem that i ran into was the water level from the grow pvc pipe
i have made a big hole at one end that i used for drainage purpose.
cover the hole and control the water level inside the pvc pipe.

2. water overflow when i covered the drainage hole sometimes i cover it to much ... until i had it right i tried several times to find the proper size of the drainage hole.
3. setting up the timer for the pumps i didn't knew how often to give water to the plants. In my case a 4h interval worked so the plants received water 6 times / day the fill time for the pipe and drainage back in the aquarium was around 1h.


They were the biggest problems that i had with this setup.
Next time when i'll approach again the subject of growing plants in this system i'll do some changes that will give me more control over water level, roots, and drainage.
The good part of this project is that the type the fishes used are very tough and they adapt very well. and other good aspect was the filtration for the fishes because i didn't use any filter for this aquarium only the roots from the strawberries and with this setup i changed the water once / month. 
I have already something in my mind but i'm not sure ill make this project this year...

Thanks for reading

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