Friday, June 7, 2013

Garden update

I know that i haven't posted anything on my blog for some time but i have been very busy with work (at work and at home) and now i want to show you how my garden looks like and a small update with what i have done lately.

In the big green house i made the structure to be able to tie the tomato plants. I tied them using strips of cotton fabric. We used wood chips to mulch them - actualy is a mixture from wood chips with egg shells and coffe grounds.
When we tied the tomatoes we removed the suckers from the plants (in the green house they tend to grow really big - last year we had some plants like big bushes without any fruits because of the suckers and excess water). Now we have a watering schedule for tomatoes - at 5-6 day we use 5 L of water for one plant and the plants are looking good so far.

The pumpkins are growing well and getting bigger - some of them have flowers. It's interesting that some of them are bigger than others - we have 9 pumpkins but 5 of them are big.

We have some peppers but they are small - i don't know how they will turn out we haven't had good results with peppers so far... but we are trying to see what will happen.

This is our compost bin - my wife wanted to try this year to make homemade compost. So far is ok - she had read on the internet how to make compost and the mixture behaves as it should.

The sour cherry tree has a lot of fruits - my wife made a sour cherry sponge cake with them.  

Our flowers.

I forgot to mention that in the big green house we have some cucumbers plants but also near the small green house there are 6 cucumber plants. We used cotton fabric to tie them and rise them from the ground.

Now inside the small green house we have dill and parsley....
there are some tomatoes inside but we will have to move them from there.

Also inside the small green house we have a few lettuce plants.

Outside the green houses we have some tomatoes, cucumbers, and water melons.

I'll prepare a video tour of my garden soon.

Thank you for attention.


  1. Love it Mihai! I love the idea of tying the tomatoes with the cotton scraps. Great way to re-purpose and they probably like them better than wood stakes or cages. Really neat project!

  2. Wonderful work! Everything is coming along nicely and all your hard work is paying off. Looks great!

    1. now there are a few small tomatoes inside my green house :)
      Thank you for your input :)

  3. Great Pics and info. When you say "removed the suckers from the plants (tomatoes)", are you referring to the flowering yellow flowers or some other part of the tom?
    thanks for sharing.

    1. You can identify the sucker on the intersection of the stem with one leaf.
      IF the sucker is really big you can break it and plant it :)
      But the sucker is draining the plants of nutrients :| so is not wise to leave them on the tomatos. If you do let the suckers to grow the plant won't have as many fruits and the plant will look like a bush..

  4. Very nice.... you are doing a great job.