Sunday, May 5, 2013

Germination - step by step

I had used the term germination in my previous posts but i did not explain how i did it.
So today i'm making a small tutorial  about germination and how you can do it yourself.
 To make this process you will need:
- paper towels
- a glass with water
- a ziplock bag

Now we want to plant some beans in our garden so the first step that we have done was to choose the good seeds from the ones that we have. You will know wich one to keep because the good seeds do not have wrinkles, or cracks, or black dots on it.
Now you can take 2-3 paper towels and lay the seeds on them and with care place them in the ziplock bag. After the seeds are inside the plastic bag you can put one more towel over them and then you can take one glass with water and pour it in the bag. The paper towels must be soaked with water and the excess must be dropped outside the bag.
The ziplock bag can be closed now but press on the bag to align the seeds inside. The last step is to place the ziplock bag out in the sun or in a green house.
After 3-4 days you can check the seeds and you will notice that they started to grow. Then you can take the seeds and plant them were do you want to grow beans in our case :).

Thak you for attention.

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