Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Woodworking project - table for my grandma

Lately i've started to gather woodworking tools and do small projects with wood.
Not so long ago i've overheard my grandma that she wants to buy a new table so i've said that this is a good opportunity to practice what i've seen on youtube and other blogs.

And this is what i have done :)

In my country it's not easy to find good wood to work with, most of the lumber centers are providing only rough lumber - twisted, bowed you name they have it... this was my first challenge to get the wood.
after spending some time at different lumber centers i have bought several boards. the boards are 4 meters in length and 20 cm width and thickness around 2,5-3 cm.

I think the hardest part of this build was the tabletop because i don't have a lot of clamps (actually i have only 2 clamps ;)) ) so i had to improvise: my solution implied cutting metal, welding, and be creative. After 2-3 h of work this big clamp was ready (in the future i'll add more stuff to it to make it better;)) i'll have a different blog post for it)
next step was to clean one edge of the boards using a hand power planer and the other edge i ripped on the table saw, after i've done all the boards i've glue them up using my homemade panel clamp.

After the glue set up for more than 12h i have removed the panel from the clamp and cut it to size on my table saw. Next step was sanding and sanding .. sanding
The frame of the table was easy to build because i have used one trick: something similar with pocket holes only difference was that my holes wore at 90 degrees and clamp the other piece of wood until the glue dries. i have covered the holes with dowels.
the last step was to apply the finsh on the table - but for this i've asked my grandma what kind of finish does she wants: and the result you can see it in the pictures.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Awesome job! So nice that you could make this for your Grandma :)

    1. Thank you , i had one supervisor that watched me like a hawk;))

  2. Aww...So nice. Even my kid forced me to renovate our drawing room from Woodwork Machinery to surprise her mother for her birthday. I must say that they have furnished quite well.