Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm back - small aquaponic system

I know it has been a long time since i've put something up but this doesn't mean that i haven't done anything in this time. I had a lot of projects, with some of them i had good luck with others not so much....
Lately i have been working at this:

First step was to make the aquarium and for that i had to cut glass, in the past i have cut thin glass but for this aquarium i have used 8mm glass. I've started to search on youtube, google tutorials about cutting thick glass and after that i've put it to practice :).

The second thing that i've done was to read about aquariums and how to glue them, the process was real simple the only thing that i had to buy was the silicone for glass and aquariums. I had let the silicone to dry for a week although on the silicone it was written that it cures in 2 days. 
The aquarium have 120L volume. 
I had some pvc pipe (110mm) from an old project and i drilled holes in it using a hole saw for my drill.


I have two pumps on this setup:
One is a pump from an old washing machine that i have modified to fit this purpose, it recirculating the water from the aquarium through the pvc pipe.

Air pump to have a good level of O2 for the fish i have put an air pump although the first pump helps this process because the water is raining in aquarium and makes a lot of air bubbles.


My brother caught some fishes in a local lake (crucian) and i've place them in their new home.

They are adapting well living in an aquarium and started to eat the food that we give them.
Now in aquarium are 31 fishes. 


To control the cycles i have used an automatic timer and the pumps are connected to it.

I want to grow some strawberry using this system. 

It's really relaxing to sit down and listen the sound of water and watching the fishes.



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