Friday, March 22, 2013

Green House Arrangement

Green House Arrangement

If you have read my previous post you all ready know how my green house looks like if not i advice you to read it because this post is related with my first one, and you will find information about the construction and materials used for the green house.

It`s time to plant some seeds inside and for this task i`ll need to arrange the space inside my green house.
So... the first thing that i`ve done was to use the left wood from the build and made a board long enough from one side to the other. To this board i`ll attach the dividers so i`ll know what seeds are planted in that area of the green house.
I`ve placed this board about 35-45cm (17-20 inches) from the back of the green house because i`ll use that space when i`m inside to water the plants. The next step was to rake the soil were i`ll plant the seeds latter on.
After i had finished this step i had prepared a mix from water and fertilizer and watered the soil. I had repeated this step also the next morning.  The panels from the green house were closed so that heat can accumulate inside.

Almost done (at least for a while) i had put dividers inside the green house. Next thing that i have done was to get the seeds and plant them in the soil.

Now the interior of my green house looks like this:

 With this stick i have made the holes in the ground.
In each hole i have put 2-4 seeds, after
that i covered the holes with some soil.

The dividers are strips that i`ve cut on my table saw for the build.

In my green house i have planted two types of tomatoes.
I have also planted some dill, parsley, radish.

I`ll try with this type of plants this year and i`m hoping to have good results.

 Sorry about the quality of those pictures it was raining when i have planted the seeds and i used a point and shoot camera to take the photos..
From the last picture you can see that i have the right angle for the roof this time :)

I`ll prepare a video with the arrangement inside my green house and i`ll put the link here.

Thank you for your attention.

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