Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Green House

Green house

....a bit of history
Living in a house have some benefits and one of them is space. So my plan is to use that space and practice what i`ve seen and what i`ve learned. Now that winter has passed i want to use the space from my garden.
My previous attempt to build a green house has teached me some stuff regarding construction:
 - the roof must have a high propensity otherwise the water will not flow fast enough and the plastic foil will deform.
 - it must have a good ventilation, and a way for the insects to get in and pollinate the plants flowers.

What happend with my last green house?

Last year when i`ve build my first green house i did not know the stuff from above so... my tomatoes have grown almost 2m (6.5 feet) in height but i did not had good results - there was no way for the insects to get inside and pollinate the flowers.
One other aspect of that green house was the roof - it was not sharp enough so the water will not stay long on the plastic foil ... so i had some watter bellys on the foil when was raining.

....this year

I`ve started planning  for a new greenhouse a bit smaller than the one from last year.
To build the frame i`ve used common materials like: pine, nails, plastic foil, hinges.

Day 1:

After i`ve marked the spot were i wanted to build the green house i`ve dug some holes for the post (about 20 cm ~ 10 inches). Then i`ve build the frame using a few tools.
After the frame was completed i`ve used my table saw to make wooden strips - and with those strips i`ve attached the plastic foil to the frame. The plastic foil is vell streched and buried in the ground at the base.

The next step was to attach the plastic foil to the roof.
On the roof i`ve made 2 access panels. One to each end.

 Inside my green house :) 
I know that is not so big and i`ll have to stay crouched inside but i`m ok with this design.

I`ve ended the day at this point because i had some other things to do on that day.

Day 2:

On day 2 (after one week ;)) ) because of my schedule, i`ve finished the green house.

I`ve made the access panels using the same kind of construction as the frame.
 I think that i`ll have good ventilation with this 2 panel raised like that.

 The panels are attached to the frame with hinges, and i have enough clearance to raise the panels (i have one quince tree, and one almond tree near the green house).
In this picture you can see the way that i`ve attached the wooden strip on the panel at the bottom - it`s on the panel frame so that water can cross.

The last 2 photos are with my budding lilac
tree :)
The one from here is purple.
And this one is white.

The next step is to arrange the space from inside and plant some seeds.
I`ll make a video for the green house and some pictures with the setup that i`ll make inside i`ll post the link here.

Thank you for your attention.

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