Friday, April 19, 2013

How to check pH levels from your soil

If you have plants that aren't growing well you can consider to check the pH level from your soil. To do this task you can buy kits and determine the pH level from your garden but i prefer the easy way: using things that I already have.

You can check the pH level from your soil all that you need you already have in your house.
The pH level of your soil can determine what plants will grow and what plants will not grow there.
Neutral pH value is 7.
Most plants prefer pH between 6,2-6,8-7 but blueberries like soil with pH over 7.
So you will need two cups , vine vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, water and some soil from your garden to determine the pH level.

First test: 
Put some soil in one cup and over it half a cup of vine vinegar: if the soil sizzle when the vinegar is in contact with the soil and after that you can see bubbles in the cup that means that the pH level of your soil is over 7. The soil is alcalin.

Second test:
Put some soil in one cup and mixed with water until you have the consistancy of paste then put some sodium bicarbonate over that paste. If you hear noises from the cup or you can see bubbles forming that means that your soil is acid. The pH value is lower than 7.

You can change the pH levels of your soil with:
  1. limestone or wood ashes if the soil is acid - this will increase the pH level of your soil but this process will take time and you will have to repeat the test. 
  2. sulfur will drop the pH levels from your soil. BUT be very careful not to touch the plants with sulfur because it will kill your plants. This step is related with soil humidity and the numbers of bacterias from the soil so the resoults will not be visible right away it will take some time.

Knowing the pH levels from your garden will determine what kind of fertilizer to use. After making changes for pH levels: repeat the tests to have a good ideea of the pH level from your garden.

Thank you for your attention.

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