Monday, April 22, 2013

New pots in the green house and update

Busy Sunday i've worked at my new green house (for that i have a separate post) because i changed some stuff from my last build and added more pots inside the small green house.

Even though it was Sunday working at the new green house and planting seeds of peppers was a relaxation, an exit from the daily routine - and my only day off in which I can handle gardening because of my schedule.

Now inside it looks like this:


And i want to show you something else: onion

 Aloe plant :)

( This one i don't know how is it called but i like the way it looks like. - no longer valid ... but for future readers I will leave it here )
This plant is called: sedum more info about it you can find here
This info i've received from Susan Nichols - Thank you for your input

And at the end of the day i've planted some flowers near the swing.

 Thank you for you attention.

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