Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sony Vaio VPCS13L9E hdd replacement

The laptop started to be slow like an old computer... so i've started to test what can be the problem with different tools.
So after running a lot of tests i decided that i'll have to change the hdd from this laptop because the one from the laptop is failing and it will crash soon.

After shutting down the laptop i've remove the screws from the back of the case to get access to the hdd inside the laptop.
The next step was to remove the screws that was keeping the hdd cage in place and remove the hdd from the bay.  I have removed the screws from the metal housing of the hdd and i have put the new hdd inside it.

I've decided to go with a hybrid drive (Seagate SSHD 1TB Sata-III) because it has ssd swap (and this model is the third generation from segate - i've used the first one momentus xt and i was pleased of it). I think that i've put that momentus xt about 2 years ago in one dell vostro 3300 and is still working good eventhough the user of that laptop is using a lot of files and he usualy don't close his laptop after work...

I have use one tool to create an image of the partiton from the old hdd and move it on the new one (the old hdd had a recovery partition - OS, utilities, drivers etc. and the instalation kit for windows.)
Also an other advantage of using images is that i won't have to setup all the accounts again:)

Thank you for attention. 

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