Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Small update for the green house

Small update for the green house

I haven't post anything on the gardening section because i have been busy in the last period with work and rebuilding the green house from last year (for this i'll have a different post)
In my small green house now i have also flowers i've used some boxes to plant the seeds: hyacinth, and some red flowers i don't know how their are called but i hope that my wife will like them.

The plants now are bigger than in photos, because i took them a while back (5-6 days ago).
But in the next picture you can see my flowers .... actually one of them - one hyacinth.

This photo is with radishes - they have grown very good i think that in one month i can cull them.

Beside are photos with dill and parsley, tiny plants but they will grow.

And the star of my green house - my first hyacinth.
In that box i have planted 3 plants.

My tomatoes are really small but this gives me time to finish the big green house. And when the plants will be big enough i'll move them in their new house.

Thank you for your attention.

PS. a small teaser from last year - one of the flowers from my garden - a canna flower

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