Friday, July 11, 2014

Chickens this year

One of my best blog post was the homemade incubator because of this i'll prepare an other post about my homemade incubator ver. 2.
But now i would like to present to you, my reader, what i've made this year with my incubator:
The red one that is looking at my finger is my favorite one ;))  last year i had 2 favorite chickens (one rooster and one chick  - i'll put a photo later on with my rooster).

So this year i used my incubator 3 times with a different number of eggs each time:

This was my first batch this year , i'm not sure how many they are ;)) because we have more than 60 chickens now For the first time we had the eggs from one aunt of mine from the country side and over there they don't grow a certain breed - they are mixed.
The second time we used eggs from the chicks that we raised last year  and this was the result:

I don't get them but when i'm pointing the camera at them they run like crazy :)) inside the growing area.
And the last batch that we had this year are :

The eggs were provided by a colleague from work and the eggs - same thing also with those eggs - they don't have a certain breed.
The following post will be about chickens food , vitamins, vaccines and what do we do to raise them.

Thanks for reading.

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