Saturday, July 19, 2014

Greenhouse update

This year i've made some changes to my greenhouse: the first change was to replace the plastic foil from the roof with a new one. While the plastic foil was off from the roof i've made some changes to the wooden frame of the greenhouse last year the sides could be raised and lowered with a long board that held the plastic foil for the sides but this year i've made some panels (windows) that can be lowered or raised as needed.

In the small greenhouse we grew seedlings that we used in the big greenhouse. This year we have planted a lot of cherry tomatoes.
Inside the big greenhouse:

The tomatoes are filled with fruits and some of them started to ripen, even though we have started a bit late in the big greenhouse i think that we will have good results this year as well.
For watering the plants we use the same trick as last year: in 2 barrels (250 L each) we have fishes and we use that water for the plants. The watering schedule is easy 1/week during that time the fishes have time to enrich the water with good stuff for the tomatoes.
The panels are easy to raise/lower when needed even though are big (3.5 m in length and 70cm width) this task can be done with one hand easily

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