Saturday, July 19, 2014

Metal work to do woodworking

My latest project was a table for my grandma and for this project i had used most of my power tools. The project began with purchasing the wood and here is not easy or cheap to buy planed wood boards so i bought rough lumber for this project.
First step was to put a straight edge on the boards for the table top and for this i used my small power planer after this i ripped the boards on my table saw to the maximum width that i could get from them.

The next step that i've done was to prepare the lumber for the frame and legs of the table at this point i've used the same techniques: putting a straight edge on the wood and ripped the wood at the proper dimension. After this i routed decorative edges on the visible edges of the frame and sand the wood. To assemble the frame of the table i used wood glue and screws.
The table top i knew from beginning that it will be a challenge to do it because i know the process or the steps that i'll have to make to get the panel but my big problem is that i don't have enough clamps ... i know that every woodworker is saying that you can never have enough clamps by i only have 2 clamps.

I searched online to see how you can make clamps homemade but i took a different approach to make my own clamp.
I have started with some pieces of rectangular metal pipes that i had leftovers from other projects and cut them to size. After this i used my welding machine to weld the frame in place. The frame is a rectangle with L: 100 cm and l: 80 cm, the next step was drill some holes in a piece of angle metal bar (this piece have a 4 mm thickness). After this i took some coupler nuts (5 of them) and weld them on angle metal bar piece - to weld them in the right position i used a screw and use it to place the nuts over the holes.
Next i cut some threaded rod to the proper dimension and prepare some handles form a 3 cm dowel. I glued the threaded rod with epoxy in the holes that i've made in the handle and leave that to cure.
More metal work after this step, more welding and after 3-4 hours of work i had my panel clamp ready or almost ready... i said almost because i didn't paint it.
To glue the boards i have used a technique that i've saw it on youtube to put glue on the edges and put them in my homemade clamp and tighten the clamp. To clamp all the board i had to use some spacers
The boards were uneven in thickness but my "plan" was to put them on the clamp and sand them flush after the panel is glued...all i have to say is that i had to do a lot of sanding.
After sanding i routed rounded edges on the table top and attached the table top to the frame... after this i've sanded the table again.

Last step was to brush stain over the project.
The clamp was a easy and fun project to build and i think that it will be useful in future.

Thanks for reading.

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