Thursday, July 17, 2014

Grow chickens - food and medicine

We have a step-by-step program with our chickens from the moment they hatch until we put them with the rest of the chickens that we have.
First step is to select the eggs for incubating process and for this step we are using a led flashlight to be able to see inside the eggs.
At the end of the incubating period the chickens are placed in a cardboard box with one light bulb over them to keep them warm. In the water we are putting vitamin: A, D3, E  for 3-5 days. For the first 7 days we are feeding them corn flour mixed with boiled egg yolk.
After 7 days we are feeding them a mix of: ground corn, ground wheat, ground sun flower seeds (a good source of protein), ground soy, calcium and vitamins addition until 3 months of age. In their  water we add methylene blue for almost 1 month. When the chickens are 2 weeks old we are giving them: rombendazol for 2 days (broad spectrum anthelminthic).

After 1 months they are receiving treats: green grass, bred, sliced cabbage, sliced lettuce, tomatoes or other veggies (they love bell pepper seeds).
The last step is when we move them with the rest of the flock when we feed them: wheat , corn, sun flower seeds , green grass, different veggies. This step is not easy for the new chicks because for a couple of days they are bullied by the bigger/older chickens but we make sure that they are eating / drinking properly.

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