Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Samsung HD103SJ repair

Yesterday, 30.04.2013, before my program ends i ran into a problem one Samsung HD103SJ (1 TB HDD) was not working...

So i took that HDD and connected to my computer but nothing happend i couldn't see it in device manager... i've checked the cables to be connected properly and they ware connected ok.
I've rebooted the computer and entered in bios to see if the motherboard is seeing that HDD - no luck there also.

The next step that i've did was to take the hdd in my hand and feel it - to feel if the motor is spinning if you took a hdd in your hand when is powered on you know how is making... if you haven't did this before you should know that you can feel that the hdd is moving in your hand , it has a particular movement.

But hdd didn't move at all so i've established that the hdd is not getting any power from the power supply.
The bad thing was that i have critical data on that hdd (archive for a period of time 3 month or so...) so losing that infromation is out from discution
My luck was that i have an other hdd HD103SJ from Samsung that had a different problem and i took the board from that one and put it to the hdd that has archive on it. This task is easy there are only 5 screw that fix the circuit board to the hdd case that you need to remove to get the board out. The hdd start working with that board and i was able to access the information from it.

So... i can't really say that i've fix it because i used the board from an other working hdd (but the board can be bought from ebay, dhgate for 39-45 $ US) and i leave that hdd like that for now... i'll buy the board for it probably ;))

Thank you for attention

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