Thursday, May 2, 2013

Garden (re)arrangement

Garden (re)arrangement

From my last post i've changed my mind about some decision for this year:
When  i've made the small green house i wasn't going to use the one from last year ... the plan was to test with this one and see what happens but: i've worked almost one day to brake down the old green house and make some changes on the design and rebuild it.

The interesting thing for me was that i've learned something about the green house while i was dismantle it - the structure wasn't stiff enough and some planks was bent due the forces involved. So the first thing that i've done when i start rebuilding the green house was to add more pylons. The next thing that was to trim the pylons to have a good propensity for the roof. Next step was to connect the
side pylons to the middle ones and this give the structure a good stiffnes.

For the middle pylons i've used metal pipe and i welded  brackets on the pipe and made the connection with the side pylons with some planks and bolts.

For the sides of the green house my plan is like this:
now the side of the green house looks like a rectangle and i want to split that rectangle in two (one in the upper part and one in the bottom) and make panels for the upper part of the green house that i can remove or open them if i'll use hinges to connect the panels to the frame the reasons for those panels  are ventilation and a way for the bugs to get inside the green house and pollinate the plants. Also for ventilation i want to make the triangles formed by the roof at the ends with this material.

The triangles will be fixed on the green house frame, i didn't find heat actioned pistons to buy them and i think that with those triangles i can maintain a good value of the temperature for the plants.

One other aspect that i've learned from last year was that i haven't have a lot of bugs inside the green house to pollinate the plants (tomatoes) and this year i'll plant some flowers near the green house.

For the build I used the wood from the last green house and some scrap wood that i had from other projects. I don't think that my green house it will be the prettiest but i'm hoping to have good results this year with the new improvements that i've done.
The pylons are from wood (i think that they are also called wooden post) and to attach the planks to them i've used bolts and nails.

 I know that there is a mess in my backyard ... but i'll arrange it soon
 Another view of the green house frame

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