Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big green house update

Big green house update:
Although it was Saturday i did a lot of things including:  homemade tool (full article on my blog), I went shopping with my wife and daughter , and I worked at the big green house .....
To begin working on the big green house I had to cut planks from a big piece of wood to achieve this I used the table saw.

 After i had the planks i began working on the actual frame of the big green house.

The planks i have used to make the roof of the green house...half of it because the weather had changed and the rain started ...
But while i was building 

...i've managed to build half of the roof.
I lay down the planks and cut them to length after that nailed them to the frame using one of my hammers and  60 mm nails. 
A while back i was considering something that is used for insulation and now i have put it to practice so i had used a fiberglass mesh to give the roof more strength .... not the roof it self but were the plastic foil will be placed on.... 

....last year because the roof did not had the proper inclination i had some issues with the plastic foil... water belly. So this year i don't want to have the same issue so i change the roof propensity and added this fiberglass mesh for more strength.

  To fix the fiberglass mesh to the wooden frame i had used staples and my wife was practicing her photographic skills. Some staples did not go all the way in ... but to drive them flushed i have used a small hammer.

After a few hours of work half of the roof is done. When i'll complete the other half of the roof i think that i can cover the green house with plastic foil. 

I'll update the progress on the big green house while i'm working on it.

Thank you for attention.

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