Sunday, May 12, 2013

All it needs it's a door....

Big green house

My seedlings are getting bigger and i'll have to move them soon so even though yesterday was sunday i've started my day with a big cup of coffee and i was thinking at the big green house watching the frame from my patio.
While i was finishing my coffee ideas came to my mind regarding the last steps of the build. So prepared with some ideas i've prepared the tools that i used to finish the build and start working.

I started working at one side because i wasn't convinced that my idea regarding the sides of the green house will work. The plan for the sides is to be able to lower and raise them when needed. (latter in the summer when it will be realy hot)
After the first side of the green house was done and the idea was good i started to work at the back and front of the green house. i used the solution that i had used also for the small green house - to bury the plastic foil at the base.
Back of the green house has a simple construction: the plastic foil is buried at the base and on the plank near the roof is fixed with an other plank nailed. I used the same method for the front of the green house.

The particularity of the sides has a simple idea at the base and that is:
The plastic foil is buried at the base and near the roof i drilled some holes and used some wire to simply hang the side on the frame.

Because the green house is long this task needs two people to be done  (lower and rise the sides).
After the build was complete i had a little help from my wife to dig the soil...she quit after a while and worked at something else.
The last step for the day was watering the soil because we haven't had rain for more than one month.
Now all it needs to be complete is a door :)
I think that in one day or two we will be able to move the seedlings from the small green house to the big one.
Below are pictures from the build

Thank you for attention.


  1. süper fikir ve insanlar için bir uğraş sevgi ile herşey olur

    1. Eğer :) teşekkür ederim (google translate)