Thursday, May 9, 2013

Almost complete - big green house update

I know that i haven't posted anything on my blog for a while ...but i have been really busy at work and working at my big green house.
Last weekend we had Easter celebration and i haven't did anything ... that was a wierd period for me because usually i do something around the house or in my garden. I'm not used to doing nothing...

What joy I had when I was able to work on my big green house, although I had been at work when I got home I began to prepare the tools that would use.
I started by cutting some boards using my table saw, boards that I have used to finish the roof.
A while back I got an idea to use a mesh used to insulate the house to stiffen the roof and ... I put it into practice. I cut the mesh into smaller pieces (the mesh has a width of 1m) of 25 cm each. I fixed place using staples.

The next day I put two pillars to support the roof and I cut a few boards that I used to reinforcement.

I'm amused when I remember how my wife nagged me when I bought 2,000 staples ... how she said that I did not use them and that I bought them for nothing ... when I completed the wooden structure had no staples left.

In the morning before arriving at work I went to the shop I purchased plastic foil that i'll use to wrap the big green house. I was looking forward that the day will go faster and that i'll go home knowing that the plastic foil is in the trunk of my car ...

After I got home I started working on big green house,good thing that I had prepared all the stuff i'll need before. And after a few hours of work and a lot of nails used've finished roof wrapped with plastic foil.

In the next update I have already linked to greenhouse tomatoes planted.
Below are pictures during construction

Thank you for attention.


  1. I am looking to build my own greenhouse to, not quite on the same scale as you but it is interesting seeing how everyone tackles such a task!! Looks a great space to have!! Well done

    1. I would like to see your attempt to build one. i have seen so many ways but each one has something that makes it unique.
      And for mine i have some stuff planed already.
      Thnak you for your opinion.