Friday, May 3, 2013

Radishes out - more room for tomatoes

So yesterday i've spend some time in my garden and prepared the space used by radishes in the small green house for new tomatoes seedlings.
After the radishes have spend the monthly period inside the green house they reached this level
We had some radishes that were good for eating but some plants did not grow as good as the others... I think the reason for that was the space was not enough they were to close one to other.

Now that the radishes are out we want to use that space to grow tomatoes seedlings. Because the big green house will be ready soon and we will start move the tomatoes seedling to they new house.
We had some seeds of tomatoes and with those seeds we have tried something new for us - a new technique to plant them. If you have read my other post on my blog probably you have seen some plastic bags with some tissues in them. The tissues were holding the seeds spaced in the bag and because of the heat and humidity inside the green house the seeds had started to grow.
This process is called germination

The next step in this process is to move the germinated seeds in cups/pots and for this task you will need: prepared soil , fertilizer, and cups or pots. We have used plastic cups and liquid fertilizer.
After we have planted the seeds and water them i've poke the cups so the excess water can get out from the cup.
At the end of this task i have place the plastic cups inside the small green house.

Now the small green house arrangement looks like that.

Thank you for attention.

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