Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now i have some tomatoes

Tomatoes are planted

After I almost managed to complete construction for the big green house, still must make them the door, I managed to plant tomatoes. In fact I have planted tomatoes two days ago but I was very busy at work and I could not post anything on the blog ....

For planting tomatoes i used a traditional method.
I'll try to describe bellow this method: 
After the soil is digged the first step is to make ditches: the purpose of the ditches is to direct the water at the base of the plant. 
The next step is to use a planter or a homemade tool (a sharp stick at one end) to make the holes where the tomatoes will be planted.
And the last step is to plant the tomatoes and water them. 
I know that i haven't said anything about the fact that i have used water from fishes because i've just started to use it. The story behind this is simple: on Easter i haven't been able to work on my garden because it was holyday... but i was fishing with my wife and doughter and we caught 10 crucian carp fishes.
And we put those fishes in one barrel and made for them a proper enviroment and started to use that water for the plants.

The results of using that water were amazing, the plants grew faster and stronger (we saw that in the small green house ).

For the big green house i'll have to make the door and one more thing: and that is to put some planks on the support frame. The purpose of those planks is to be able to tie the tomatoes when they are bigger. (i have some photos with this idea bellow)

Thank you for attention.


  1. everything looks healthy, and I like the greenhouse/coldframe you have them in

    1. Thank you :) the plants are healthy and doing ok in the big green house:)